Kitchen Island Ideas For Your Next Remodel Project

The popularity of large kitchens and countertop islands used to be the trend in home kitchen remodeling plans.  More than 50% of the homes in the U.S.  have kitchen islands.  Some are built in, some are movable but all provide for additional work space, storage, seating or appliances.  The kitchen island in many homes is the social hub center of the home.  In some larger kitchens there are multiple units which each have their own purpose.  When you’re ready to redesign your kitchen consider the size, style and function for your kitchen island.

Began by determining if you have enough space to install an island in your kitchen.  You’ll need at minimum 42 inches from the end of the island and in the surrounding objects.  This space will allow for adequate traffic flow in your kitchen.  If you find that there isn’t enough space in your kitchen you may want to consider a mobile butcher block counter on casters.  This will allow you to move it out of the way when not in use.

kitchen-673729_640Now you want to think about how you will use your new kitchen island.  Will it be used as additional eating space?  For additional cooking and preparation space?  Or an additional storage?  Maybe, it will serve multiple functions.  If you will be using your kitchen island for additional work space a height would be 36 inches whereas, for casual dining it would be 42 inches.  If you opt for multiple kitchen islands each can serve as separate purpose.  Kitchen islands should not be wider than 4 feet so you can easily reach to the middle of the island.

The purpose of your new island will also play a role in determining its placement.  It can be used to divide the kitchen from living area in the case with an open floor plan.  If you’re island will be used for cooking prep work, you’ll want it situated relatively close to the stove, refrigerator and sink.  Should you decide to use your new island as a buffet, you’ll want to keep the public side open.

Once you’ve determined your new kitchen islands function, you’ll need to equip the island appropriately.  If your new island will have eight cooktop, you’ll need a vent hood overhead and the size will be recommended by the cook top manufacturer.  If your new island will serve as a breakfast bar, you’ll need stools and a cantilevered counter top.  Adding fixtures to the island like it cook top or sink will require an electrician and or plumber for the installation.

Kitchen islands are a great way to add additional storage space.  The storage area can be closed off or open to show off fine china, cook books and more.  Your island can be as fancy or simple as you choose.  The best way to get started with a new kitchen island is to contact a kitchen remodeling contractor in your area and share with them your plans and goals for your new kitchen.  They can provide you with guidance and examples of other kitchen islands.