Professional Carpet Cleaning Offers New Life To Dirty Rugs

Instead of renting carpet cleaning equipment and dealing with the associated mess, many choose to use the services of a professional carpet cleaning company to restore the beauty of their rugs. Keeping in mind that the term professional simply means they get paid for performing the service, not necessarily that they are the best at cleaning carpets. Most companies put their employees through rigorous training before turning them loose of a customer’s rug, but you will want to deal with a reputable professional carpet cleaning company before trusting them to your home’s floor covering.

carpet cleaning in ArizonaWhen you contract for professional carpet cleaning the company hired will work with the homeowner about who is going to move any furniture that may need moved as well as who is going to put it back. Once the company arrives, a good sign that they know what they are doing is their first step, once the room has been cleared of movable furniture, will be a thorough and deep vacuuming of the carpet. Getting as much dirt out of the rug as possible before cleaning makes cleaning the rug more efficient.

In many instances, the company will have equipment to either steam clean the dirt out of the rug or a scrubber than applies detergent mixed with water, scrubs the rug and then vacuums the water back out of the carpet. In either case, the carpet will be damp when the professional carpet cleaning company is done with their work.

Dirty Spots May Show Up Later

When a carpet is newly cleaned, it may look terrific but once it completely dries, there may be a few spots where the dirt shows back up. It should be written into the contract, and before you sign the job completion form, that if any spots re-appear the professional carpet cleaning company will return and treat the area again.

Most people involved in the professional carpet cleaning industry will routinely follow up a day or two after the carpet has been cleaned to make sure the customer is satisfied with the results. If there are problems, they are more than willing to take care of them to insure repeat business as well as a positive good referral from a satisfied customer.

In cases of older, damaged carpeting professional carpet cleaning may not be able to put new life into the rugs. Any reputable company will be able to advise the homeowner of the condition of the carpeting and how well their service can help restore the rug.

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