Expanding Spray Foam Insulation Is Powerful And Effective

In most of the older homes the insulation was fiberglass and although the technology hasn’t changed much over the years, the effectiveness of fiberglass is starting to show its inefficiency. The problem with the older versions of insulation is that they tend to leave too many unsealed holes in the home where air could slowly leach out. The cold air we’re trying to avoid comes in and steals the warm air in the room while letting more of it out.

To properly seal your home from air escaping (conditioned air, warm air created by your heater unit) or air getting in, you need a more dynamic type of insulation that can get in and seal every nook and cranny. Expanding insulation foam is one of the most spray foam insulation contractorspowerful, efficient, and effective forms of insulation on the market today. Its power is derived from how it’s delivered and what it’s made from. It is delivered by spraying the insulation in a semi-liquid state, often in the form of kits, but also mixing it (in the same spray movement like how fertilizer is mixed with the water coming out of the water hose for your lawn) with a “blowing agent”, a molecule that is hyper reactive, that when blended with the core material, creates a foaming reaction.

When you spray the foam between the wood beams in your attic, for example, the foam is sprayed on in a few rhythmic layers (like spraying paint with a paint gun), and each layer expands outward and hardens in time (pretty quickly actually). As it expands, it adheres to other foam insulation you sprayed and creates a seamless blend that blocks out any chance of air getting by in either direction.

The foam also expands out to fill in any cracks or holes in or between your attic infrastructure thereby creating an air tight seal that won’t let bugs, air, or anything else in. Sealing your walls, attic floor, attic roof, even your garage door will assure that the heat and cool air your conditioner creates, won’t be wasted and will stick around long enough for you to indulge in the comfort of a perfect temperature in the home. And since air doesn’t escape, you don’t need to keep on or keep turning on your air and this means you get a more effective seal and save tons of money on your electric bills.

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